Some of you already know the story. About a year ago I met someone. I thought I loved him. And I thought he loved me. I guess I was wrong on both counts. Definitely one of them anyway. When you're in love, you compromise so that your love can flourish. I changed how I did things. After a while I stopped seeing old friends and making new ones entirely. I did it, mainly, because it's what he said he wanted me to do. But after a couple of months, once I'd almost my exhausted my savings, he decided that he didn't want me to quit after all. That I should get back in the hobby. And of course, he would help me do it. No I told you so's please. Yes, some of my old friends (ones I'm really close to and have missed terribly) warned me. My mom certainly did. She never liked him from the first day. But the embarassing fact is that even for a girl like me, sometimes a man who makes us cum real, real hard, can get away almost anything. Nothing major. Just things like, not coming home at night. Or driving drunk & wrecking her car. Or withdrawing $30,00o from her bank account. Not that anything like that happened to me. Grrrrr! Even those of us with the hardest heads eventually learn a hard lesson...sometimes the hard way. Don't feel bad for me. Chalk it up to a teachable moment. Besides, because of it I know what I really want to do. What's that? That's easy...recommit myself to being the best erotic companion I can be!!!!!!!!
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8''
Weight: Plus size
Cup: DDD
Bust: 44
Waist: 40
Hips: 50
Build: BBW